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Air Conditioning


You can count on Complete Cooling Services Ltd to provide the air conditioning Nottingham needs.

We install high-quality air conditioning systems throughout Nottingham, Derby and the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire areas. Each and every air con product we stock and install come from the UK’s leading air conditioning system manufacturers.

We don’t deal with cheap or unreliable units, but we’re still able to price our installations competitively because we’ve established great working relationships with our suppliers over 40 years in our business.

The upmarket units we stock ensures that your long-term savings on repairs or replacements will outstrip any short-term price slashing by far. You’ll never have to report a faulty unit to us – just enjoy years and years of excellent air conditioning.

We install air conditioning Nottingham, Derby customers find very convenient, as they all enjoy cooling and heating options as standard.

The heating our air conditioning systems provide can save homes and businesses money on expensive central heating gas prices. Units are also smaller than central heating radiators, saving space and allowing more furniture to be placed against walls.

We’re proud to take care of all air conditioning Nottingham, Derby installation work ourselves. We will never employ a sub-contractor to fulfil our contracts.

We use inverter compressors, which use less electrical energy and cost less to run compared to older units. Most of our standard air conditioning units give 3.5kW of cooling and 4kW of heating from 1kW electric, which is very efficient.
We offer a standard 3 year manufacturer warranty, so long as a maintenance is taken care of by a regular contract with us. We’re true air conditioning Nottingham, Derby industry experts that can offer technical support at any time.

We also keep spares and components in stock at all times for all products, to ensure that you’ll never have to wait long periods for repair work.