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Heat Exchangers Installation

We have an experienced team who can offer a comprehensive heat exchanger installation service to various premises in the Nottingham, Derby areas. We only ever install our heat exchangers in accordance to manufacturer’s guidelines and all our engineers are fully qualified.

The correct method of heat exchanger installation varies depending upon the exact type of unit and the environment of operation. Our team are fully adept to all designs and types of heat exchanger products and can easily install your chosen system.

With our extensive industry knowledge and over 40 years experience we can offer an exceptional level of workmanship and customer care when installing our heart exchanger systems.

What Causes A Heat Exchanger To Fail+

  • Oil and water mixing leading to O ring failure
  • Erosion on the tube plate due to high water velocity
  • Head/End cap split because of frozen water expansion
  • Insufficient thermal capacity caused by clogged tubes or incorrect operating conditions
  • Breakdowns caused by blockages by dirt and debris
  • System failures due to unit stress

Looking After Your heat Exchanger

  • Have a qualified and correct installation
  • Ensure the design data is accurate
  • Maintain the correct temperature differential
  • Maintain the advised flow rate
  • Keep it regularly serviced and inspected
  • Have planned preventative maintenance and care