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Condition Reports

Air Conditioning Condition Reports

As part of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) new legislation is in force that requires that certain air conditioning systems need to undergo condition reports and inspections. The responsibility is solely that of the owner, company or manager to ensure that the assessment and condition reports are completed by a certified and quailed company. It is important that Nottingham homes and business premises receive inspections and that these condition reports can be supplied and recommendations implemented were possible.

A Guide To Condition Reports

A Guide to Air Conditioning

What Your Report Contains

  • Individual reports for each air conditioning system
  • Any recommendations for improvements, repairs or modifications
  • Estimated life expectancy of the system or unit
  • Recommendations for energy efficiency
  • Recommendations and advice for lowering emissions and preventing environmental damage
  • Detailed records of service, maintenance, work and repairs
  • Full record of service history

What We Look For

  • The condition of your air conditioning system or unit
  • Assessment of the size and area and whether it is sufficient for its purpose
  • The capabilities of your controls and settings
  • Suggestions and recommendations to improve energy efficiency
  • Whether you require any repairs or replacement parts
  • Inspection of all relevant documentation such as manuals, drawings, maintenance records, commissioning data and control strategies

Condition Reports Include

  • The address of where the systems is located
  • The name and address of the company that is carrying out the condition report
  • The name of the energy assessor
  • The accreditation’s of the conditioning energy assessor
  • The date in which the condition report was carried out
  • The name of the government approved air conditioning accreditation scheme the energy assessor is a member of